Monday, December 15, 2008


In order to make comments board a more enjoyable forum experience for all, a set of rules and guidelines have been crafted.

Be polite. viewers are expected to show courtesy and respect for others. You are encouraged to speak your mind on related issues in a thoughtful manner. Please respect other members and treat them with respect and dignity. Rule of thumb: do not discuss non-sense topic or else the admin will delete your entry. And for the repeated or we can say as spam messages, WATCH OUT!

Stay on topic. Please make sure your posts are meaningful and relevant. You should stay on-topic at all times. All off-topic and offensive posts will be deleted.

Limit your test post to one. It doesn’t make sense if you repeatedly make test posts. A test post is only meant for first-timers to see if they can do something, like checking to see if a feature of the board is working correctly.

No disruptive behavior. Please respect others using the boards by refraining from personal attacks or bullying. We have zero tolerance for viewers who display disruptive behavior in the boards. Any post or thread which contains personal insults, flaming, or harassment, including those intended to provoke fight by name calling will be closed immediately or removed, if the situation demands. Those members who have antagonistic behavior risk suspending their posting privileges or, worst, terminating their account.

If you see a flame going on, do not add fuel to the fire by riding on. All members involved in a flaming exchange will be deemed accountable. Instead, report the post to the moderators. That's what the report link is for, please use it.

No profanity. You should know when you are out of hand when you stress your point. Always choose words that reflect the quality of your thoughts and ideas. No offensive language is tolerated. There are certain words that we have censored. If your posts contain any censored words, they will be automatically blocked-out like this: ***

No spamming. We define spamming by making excessively nonsense and/or disruptively off-topic posts across the boards. Sending unsolicited messages via private messaging is also considered spamming.

No cross-posting. If you want to start a new topic, please look for the appropriate category and only post once. You are not allowed to post same threads on multiple sub-forums. All cross-posts will be deleted without warning.

No porn. Pornography has no place in the boards. If you want porn, find it somewhere else in the Internet. Linking to porn sites, promoting prostitution and pimping through the boards are strictly prohibited.

No ALL CAPS. Please use lowercase letters when typing your messages. Using all caps has become the written equivalent of shouting or hostility. CAPITAL LETTERS CAN BE ANNOYING!!!

No bumping of posts. Do not bump posts (making senseless replies to comments) to keep it at the top)

By posting to this board, you agree to abide by the above rules and guidelines. Should you commit any violation, you may be warned, suspended temporarily or even removed from the board permanently, at the discretion of the administrator and moderators. The moderators and the administrator’s decisions are final.

Trust that the above rules will be enforced in good faith to keep a community where fun. thoughtful discussions are maintained to mutual benefit.
Thanks and happy posting!